Basement Conversion, Benahavis

Increasing the value of your property by converting your basement


Berkeley Construction were approached by clients who wanted to transform the basement area of their villa in Benahavis into two functional bedrooms which they could use for their guests.  The area was originally used as two large storage rooms accessed via a spiral staircase.  It was dark and had no adequate ventilation.  The clients felt a little claustrophobic when they entered the area.  We brainstormed various layouts and designs together and discussed the materials we would be using for the project.

Project Planning

There are many factors to consider when transforming basement space and careful planning is required.  After consultation with the Benahavis Town Hall Architectural Department, we submitted several plans to illustrate that we would not be altering the structural stability of the existing foundations.  Our plans showed that we would have to cut several holes in the current foundation walls to accommodate the new windows, using specialist cutting equipment.  Once all our technical drawings had been authorised, the Town Hall issued us with the relevant legal permits.

We had to plan the lighting and insulation carefully.  We needed to ensure the windows would bring in as much natural light as possible into the bedrooms.  The insulation needed to prevent heat loss and also protect against humidity as the bedrooms were below ground level.


We dug down to the basement level using a mechanical digger, which involved complex subterraneanal excavation.  The exterior walls needed to be tanked to prevent humidity and water penetration whilst also ensuring structural stability.  With the use of our specialist drilling equipment, we cut through the existing foundations to create two new windows spaces and provide maximum light penetration to achieve a light and airy feel to both bedrooms.

Interior Design – Decorating and Soft Furnishings

Our client had a specific colour scheme in mind using a range of warm colours from Farrow and Ball Paint Manufacturers to create a sunny effect.  They also chose some great soft furnishings to create warmth and light.  We installed recessed lighting in the ceilings, evenly spaced throughout the room, so that at any time of day the bedroom was properly lit for reading or relaxing.